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Photography has been my passion since a very young age. My father was a keen photographer, contributing to books, lecturing on the subject and founding a photographic society, so it was only natural that taking photos, developing my own black-and-white photos, and generally playing around in a darkroom should become hobbies for me. The transition to digital photography has replaced the chemicals with Photoshop – a much more agreeable companion. And after years of photographing my travels around the world, I have fulfilled a dream and become a professional photographer.

I grew up in the south of England. The beautiful country of Switzerland has been my home since 1998. I speak German fluently, and understand Swiss German. I am based in Bern, but am willing to travel for photographic assignments throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Lois Elvey LSWPP

What's important when selecting your wedding photographer?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the photos are your permanent reminder, recalling the emotions, little details and the friends and family that shared your special day. Your choice of photographer is a key decision.

Meet your photographer. Ideally you should meet potential photographers face to face. You want someone who can give advice and suggest ideas, but who puts you and your wishes first. Someone who is going to fit in on the day. This is your big day, not theirs!

Make sure they use RAW. All serious professional photographers will take RAW photos (rather than JPEGs) at a wedding. But a key follow-up question is what post-processing they do. That is when RAW data really comes into its own, allowing much better fine tuning of photos afterwards, without any loss of quality. I check every single photo and make fine adjustments to the white balance, contrast, colour saturation, brightness, etc., and when necessary even remove unsightly signposts, fencing, uneven tan lines or insect bites before converting the files, at the end of the process, to high quality Jpegs for my clients.

What backup systems do they have in place? Firstly they should be using professional equipment. I use Canon full-format SLRs and L series professional Canon lenses. Secondly, what happens if their camera goes wrong on the day? I always carry a spare Canon SLR body for use in an emergency, and at least four different lenses for different types of shots. I use a camera which enables me to save every picture I take onto two cards simultaneously. So I have an immediate back-up of every photo. Once home I download the photos and immediately make an additional back-up file to be stored separately.

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Membership of a professional photography organisation. I am a qualified member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait photographers (SWPP), which means my work has been deemed to be of a professional standard by experts. This is a large international professional body based in Great Britain. In addition to training, mentoring and qualifications, it organises a large trade fair each year in London. Visiting this not only helps to keep me up to date with the latest trends and developments, but gives me a great overview of the variety and quality of photographic equipment, other products and albums on the market.


Check out a selection of photos from ONE wedding. As a photographer it's far easier to create an impressive portfolio if you select a few of your very best photos from a whole range of weddings. For the client this gives a good overview of the type and range of photos the photographer likes to take. But before making your selection you should also see the type of results you might expect from just one wedding. For this reason I have created a sample client gallery for you. This gallery is from a real full day wedding and contains 150 photos. To view the gallery please go to the Client Gallery page or click here.